Don’t Be Afraid of Alligators!

American Alligator Description

The Alligator has a thick body and amazing strength. The tail has more power behind it than the typical adult man. The males are generally about 14 feet long and the females average approximately 10 feet. The largest one in history was only over 19 feet. Like most of alligators they have really sharp teeth but this one holds the record for the most powerful bite of any creature in the whole world. Alligator, American Alligator, Gator

There’s a rare genetic mutation that could make American Alligators albino. They’re missing a gene that makes melanin. As a result of people being fascinated with them, they are generally bred in captivity as an attraction in alligator farms.

American Alligator Distribution

You may just find the American Alligator in the Southern regions of North America. The most significant number of these are in Florida with a population of about two million.

However they also have a massive problem since they must share these regions with people. They generally stick to freshwater but can also do well in the salt .

American Alligator Behavior

They are extremely smart animals and have the ability to rapidly pick up the routines of different animals that come in the region. They’re slow on land but do not underestimate them in the water. They may be competitive but for the most part often just do this when they are feeling threatened.

The wet marsh regions in which the American Alligator reside offer lots of food. Actually, the regions of Florida and Louisiana could have enormous problems to take care of for Bat Removal. They constitute most the food source for this sort of alligator.

They may also eat an assortment of snakes, birds, and other mammals in the region. What they’ll eat is dependent on where they reside and their distinct size. When they’re extremely large they’ll go for mammals such as deer and cows.

They’ll eat sand and stones also to assist with grinding of the food that’s in their gut.

American Alligator Reproduction

Mating occurs in the spring because the temperatures begin to raise. Roars and bellowing sounds can be heard from the males in this time period. They try to entice the females with these sounds. At the same time, they are providing warnings to other males to steer clear.

After mating the set will go their own ways. The female will soon get busy making a nest. It may take her a few weeks to get this done. She does this to keep them warm and to stop predators from discovering them.

The young will be born approximately 65 days afterwards. They’ll make the trip from egg into the water with their mother. She’ll care for them till they’re about five months old. A high number of those offspring will be eaten by several predators in the water until they’re mature enough to defend themselves.

American Alligator Conservation

At the moment there are not conservation efforts set up for the American Alligator. They do really well in their normal surroundings. There are attempts set up to help stop more of the habitat from being taken over by people. Careful tests are done before construction in a number of these regions is allowed.

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